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Warning: These images are not pretty or appetizing. They show ugly dirt and grime coming out of the grout and tile surface in a kitchen that has not been steam-cleaned in a long time. You will see the full process, from start to finish. Only the last photo on the right shows you the tile and grout perfectly clean.

1. Application of a mild detergent
2. Scrubbing of the grout
3. Steam cleaning
4. Steam cleaning continued
5. Inspection of clean wet tile & grout
6. Clean finished surface


Local Ownership

The tile magicians LLC is a locally owned & operated company. Both co-owners are long-time tucson residents. Chris is a tucson-native, John relocated to tucson in 1986 when he retired from the Air Force.

Protecting Your Health

99% of the chemicals we use are hypoallergenic. 100% of our detergents are also hypoallergenic.

Attitude of Service

We schedule your job at the most convenient time for you. Our employees are screened.

Long Track Record

Chris started cleaning tiles 25 years ago. John has been in the business for the past 17 years.

Protecting Your Furniture

When we start a job, we move your furniture out so that nothing gets dirtied or wet. We put everything back in its right place at the end.

Starting and Ending on Time

Your time is important. We never overbook ourselves or book 2 jobs too close to each other. This way, we start our work on time. When we give you a time estimate, we abide by it. You are back in your home exactly when you planned to.

An Outstanding Guarantee

If you are not happy with the result, you don't pay!

Protecting Your Tile

All tiles do not react the same way to the same products and tools. We carefully follow product manufacturers’ recommendations and have developed several cleaning processes that keep your tile and grout in good shape.

Leaving no mess behind

Your house is your sacred castle. We behave accordingly. After cleaning your grout and tile, we do a full clean-up, bring your furniture back in, and do a final inspection to make sure you see no trace of our passage… except the fantastic look of your floor, of course.